My Name is Rumnik Cheema, I am a 22 year old that was born in the vineyards of Raisin City, CA. I attended an elementary school of 200 students ranging from Pre-k to the 8th grade. The school was predominantly Latinx and my family were the first and only Indians to ever attend at the time. So you can say I was heavily influenced and intertwined with in the diverse Latin cultures. This bond I created with this community is actually one of the largest reason I am a Digital Technology and Culture major.
I grew up in a rather business oriented household with my father having multiple freight companies over the years, so naturally I came to college pursuing a degree in business. However, when I came to Washington State University I saw that there was definite lack of representation for minority communities on campus. Immediately I felt a need to learn and pursue as much knowledge about the Adobe Suite and multimedia design, to help better that representation throughout WSU. After my first year at WSU I changed my major to Digital Technology and Culture in the hope to explore culture and media in ways beneficial for the community.
Over the last 3 years, I have taken a variety of courses including Digital Cinema, a class that guided students through the basics of filmmaking and developed my skills with Premiere Pro and After Effects. This helped me further hone my skills with pre-production roles, and filming essentials such as lighting and audio. I have also strengthened my communication, management, and time management skills through my numerous student leadership positions. For instance, I served as the chair of the Asian Pacific American Student Coalition, were my cabinet and I sponsored social, cultural, and academic activities. In addition we provided student peer support and leadership training. These were essential skills for when I began to outreach as a freelance creator in my already saturated community. Skills that I used to build my own brand “Thee Daily Grind” in the WSU community as photographer and filmmaker.
Now that I am only a few weeks from graduating, I anticipate myself in career that allows me to continue the advancement of the community around me through marketing, brand management and video production. In addition, I hope to start creating weekly videography content to continue to cultivate and capture the community that surrounds me. With this goal in mind I think my journey in providing adequate digital representation while building my own career style, is truly underway.